Young girl holding a Margaritaville Resort Orlando throw pillow while sitting on a hotel suite bed.

Margaritaville & Chill

Recipes, Tips, & More from Paradise

Enjoy these great, simple recipes and activity ideas to bring the Margaritaville Resort Orlando lifestyle to your home until it’s time to come join us again in paradise!

Coco Rita
Bring a slice of sunshine right into your home with our Coco Rita concoction!
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Island Fever Punch
Transport into that vacation state of mind right from home by recreating our delicious Island Fever Punch.
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Mango Tango Slush
It takes two to (mango) tango. Mix up your own version of our cocktail at home and thank us later.
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Rum Therapy
Treat yourself to our mouth-watering Rum Therapy recipe.
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